Corporate Social Responsibility

The corporate citizenship efforts of a business are increasingly important to stakeholders. As a result, many companies are beginning to focus on developing a robust, inclusive corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy. Businesses that demonstrate a culture that is focused on values, dedication to community and a commitment to excellence attract a diverse, high-performing workforce. 


The first step is to begin by making an impact in the communities where your business is located and where employees, along with other stakeholders, live and work. When initiating a corporate social responsibility strategy, it is important to give employees a voice. Local philanthropy to organizations that employees are passionate about can increase engagement and improve the image of your business. That said, building an effective CSR strategy also means connecting philanthropic efforts to your core business or ethical standards. It is unproductive to make donations to an unrelated cause or as a marketing scheme. 

Achille Buchanan & Associates has over 25 years experience working with non-profit organizations and can develop, direct and coordinate community affairs and philanthropy. Achille Buchanan will work with our clients to develop a community affairs strategy, research and identify key organizations that align with your overall business goals, and provide guidance and support to manage your corporate philanthropy and community affairs.


We can also work with your public relations or communications staff to document your initiatives effectively in order to strengthen your reputation and improve your corporate image.  By adopting socially responsible business practices with thoughtful planning, your company projects a shared dedication to mission and community as well as passion for personal and professional growth.   


Oversight of CSR Efforts

Achille Buchanan offers innovative solutions to help businesses of any size discover their path to delivering a positive social impact. With a strategic philanthropic plan that defines employee engagement and corporate community involvement, your business can take the first step to becoming socially responsible. Services include research of non-profit organizations to provide guidance on entities that deliver services. We specialize in creating long-term partnerships and connecting leadership and employees with local agencies where they can make a meaningful contribution while sharing their passion and expertise.


Corporate Philanthropy

Whether your company supports science, technology, engineering, math, the arts or animal welfare, it is important to make sure your efforts align with your mission and stakeholders are aware of your commitment to the local community. Many businesses are inundated with requests for financial support in the form of grants or donations. Let Achille Buchanan screen those requests and recommend a corporate philanthropy plan that reflects the mission and vision of your company. Take personal preference out of the grant making process. Let us oversee grants to non-profits and ensure funding is used as intended.  

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Proactive Engagement

When building a reputation of being a socially responsible business, it is important to proactively engage all stakeholders. From shareholders and investors, to customers, employees, retirees, vendors, suppliers, business partners, community leaders, and government representatives. Transparency through the sharing of information about philanthropic initiatives and workforce engagement promotes long-term vitality. Achille Buchanan can assist with sustainability communications and the publication of CSR reports.