Businesses Practicing Principles of Corporate Social Responsibility Stand Out in Our Changing World

Corporate America has a rich history of responding during a natural disaster or crisis. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses, both large and small, demonstrated ethical and socially responsible behavior by stepping up to help any way they could. From distilleries transitioning to the manufacture of hand sanitizer, to large corporations putting employees to work sewing face masks, each aligned their corporate mission toward efforts to fight the spread of the virus. For businesses unable to provide manufactured goods, donations and allocations were made to help those affected by the pandemic and the ensuing economic downturn.

We are witnessing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) leadership at its best. ISO 26000 outlines the principles and subjects of CSR initiatives. The seven core subjects include: maintaining a structured decision-making process, respecting human rights, applying fair labor practices, operating ethically, staying transparent, minimizing environmental impact and promoting community involvement. The overall goal of corporate citizenship is to promote responsible practices and community involvement and to make

economic and social impact that minimizes negative events.

Businesses with a strong foundation of Corporate Social Responsibility transitioned quickly providing much needed help from the start of the pandemic. How they conduct business has become as important as what they do. People will remember these efforts long after the virus is conquered.

Learn more about how to develop a Corporate Social Responsibility plan for your business based on ISO 26000 by contacting Achille Buchanan & Associates. Achille Buchanan & Associates provides consulting services addressing community benefit, corporate citizenship, corporate affairs and quality solutions. Visit our website at to learn more.

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