Deadline for CHNA Implementation Strategy Approaching

If your organization completed its triennial Community Health Needs Assessment in 2019, the clock is ticking on finalizing and publishing the corresponding Implementation Strategy by the 2020 deadline. Just as there are certain criteria to meet when developing the CHNA, there are specific items to address in the Implementation Strategy to ensure all aspects of your document meet IRS standards. Hospitals that do not meet IRS regulations risk losing their tax-exempt status. They may be fined for each lapsed year as well as each facility, if the hospital has more than one independent location.

A well thought out Implementation Strategy can be used to guide community benefit plans and investments for the next three years. That said, it is a dynamic document that should be revisited and adjusted as community needs change. Implementation Strategies must include an overview of the organization along with the defined service area. Key findings should be listed independently and the organization should indicate if each issue will be addressed or not, including how or why. There are many other elements to include in an Implementation Strategy that are not listed here.

Developing an Implementation Strategy is an important undertaking that should be completed by an experienced community benefit professional. Achille Buchanan & Associates addresses all aspects of an Implementation Strategy from aligning actions with goals to helping identify potential collaborations. Learn more about Achille Buchanan’s comprehensive range of consultation services at

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